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CCTV Surveillance Solution ( AHD / IP )

CCTV Surveillance Solution ( AHD / IP )

An IP camera system includes everything you need to create a surveillance security system. We are Best CCTV Dealer in Guwahati.

What do you need?  The IP camera security system consists of many items that need to work together.  It’s important to make sure that everything is compatible. 

IP camera systems are also called CCTV surveillance camera systems, but the “IP” indicates they connect to the network rather than a coax cable. The IP camera system includes not only the IP cameras but also the video recording system, camera lenses, enclosures, network switches with PoE injectors. They may also integrate with IP door access control and IP Intercoms. The IP camera system is one part of a complete security system.

Take a look at the components below, and then contact us for assistance. We will be happy to make sure you get everything you need. Not only do we provide a complete IP camera security solution, but we also include free IP camera consulting services. Book now CCTV Camera in Guwahati.


Safety is vital and surveillance technology required to achieve this is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. Smart enterprises, today, do not require obsolete, analog surveillance systems but new, dynamic automated approaches that provide strong safety and high business value from day one.

Captiva Video Surveillance solutions aim to provide world-class surveillance solutions that can address the security concerns of small, medium and large enterprises. Being an established solution provider catering to a wide range of customers, we understand the unique needs of different industries. Distinct from offering generic solutions, Captiva emphasizes on providing industry-specific solutions to its customers. Whether you manage 100+ locations or one, our effective Centralized IP Video Surveillance system can capture and document security events from endless locations.

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