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Fire Detection System

Fire Detection System

A fire detection system uses a smoke detector to detect a fire before it actually starts. An effective fire detection system eliminates damage by ensuring that a fire can be prevented before it even starts. A fire detector may also have a direct connection to an alarm monitoring centre.

Different premises have different protection requirements. The preferred detection device is the smoke detector. In premises not suitable for a smoke detector, such as kitchens, a heat detector is used. Hybrid detectors which combine smoke, heat and CO detection can be used in premises where vehicles are kept.

Fire alarm specialty equipment, such as sampling systems, fibre-optic systems, digital linear heat detection cable, flame detectors and optical beam smoke detectors, can be used in premises not suitable for ordinary fire detectors. Read more about fire alarm specialty equipment.

Fire door control

Every fire begins with the unnoticed formation of smoke and the silent spread of toxic gases that are lethal to humans. Within an extremely short time, emergency exit and rescue routes are filled with smoke and can no longer be used. With a fire door control, open doors and gates are closed automatically in the event of a fire and the smoke is prevented from spreading. Emergency exit and rescue routes are kept free of smoke for evacuation and damages are limited to the affected fire sector.

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