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Intercom Systems ( EPABX / IPABX )

Intercom Systems ( EPABX / IPABX )

The field of communications is evolving on a constant basis due to the diverse communication needs of enterprises. Modern Businesses are deploying numerous communication solutions to suit the varying needs of employees. The enterprises with branches at different locations are bringing all offices on the same network through various communication solutions. A solution that offers the flexibility of configuring, maintaining and monitoring multiple communication systems from a single location is becoming the need of the hour. Matrix Telecom Solutions provide pioneering telephony systems that address the communication woes of a growing enterprise/business.

Ease-of-Use, enhanced productivity and dependable performance are some of the advantages of Matrix IP-PBX Telephony systems. Versatile, feature-rich and carrier-grade telecom solutions are built on cutting-edge technologies. Matrix Telecom Solutions including Unified Communications, IP-PBXs, Digital EPABXs, VOIP Gateways, GSM Gateways and IP Phones are marketed in 50+ countries through a global network of 2500+ partners.


Captiva Telecom Solution brings peace of mind while being in an organization. To ease your work and give you communication convenience, Matrix Telecom solutions bring you Unified Communications that can manage communication on multiple devices located at multiple locations.

Moreover, these solutions can be integrated with traditional PBXs with the help of Media Gateways to make your legacy equipment work even in a growing enterprise. This facilitates our customers to gain greater control over their telephony systems, thus increasing productivity manifolds. Captiva IP Telephony system enhances business processes by unifying communication mediums to simplify the daily workflow.

All in all, Captiva Telephony Systems is a combination of best in class IP deskphones, Unified Communication Severs and Centralized Management Servers designed specifically for all kinds of Modern organizations. These highly scalable solutions facilitate the future communication needs of the organization.

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